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Hi. I’m Jarome Gautreaux, personal injury lawyer and founder of Gautreaux Law in Macon, Georgia. In this short video, I’m going to explain some of the key differences between a big rig or tractor trailer wreck and an ordinary car wreck. What are some of those differences?

Well, first, obviously big rigs are big. They can weigh 70,000 pounds, and when that collides with a small vehicle going 70 or 80 miles an hour, you can imagine the damage can be enormous. First of all, these collisions are often very, very damaging.

Second, federal regulations often govern big rigs; things like hours of service, insurance requirements, company responsibility, all sorts of regulations, there’s books of them, some of them are behind me, come into play when you are dealing with a big rig or tractor trailer case.

Third, experts can multiply like crazy when you’re involved in a tractor trailer case. You can have experts that need to inspect the tractor trailer; things like its brakes and its engine; you might need an expert on things like the biomechanical forces involved in a collision or conspicuity or what could be seen; reaction times. Things like that can become important. You can have a whole lot of experts who can get pretty expensive, even in an ordinary tractor trailer case.

Those are just some of the key differences between a tractor trailer or big rig case and an ordinary auto wreck case. Thanks for watching.