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What’s the value of a personal injury case? Hi, I’m Jarome Gautreaux, personal injury lawyer and founder of Gautreaux Law in Macon, Georgia. In this short video, I’m going to give you three main factors that lawyers generally talk about with their clients when coming up with the value of a personal injury case, such as a car wreck. Let’s jump right in.

Number one, medical bills. What are the medical bills for the treatment that was caused by the injury? Here, we’re talking about the total medical bill, not the amount paid by your health insurance. Number two, lost income. What is the lost income that was caused by your injury? How much time off from work did you lose? And again, we’re talking about total lost income, even if you got annual leave or sick leave at work. That’s number two.

Number three, and this was the tough one, pain and suffering. What is the pain and suffering attributable to your injury? Two main things are important here. How bad is the pain and suffering, and how long did it last, it’s duration? For example, a facial scar that lasts a lifetime is generally going to be more important or more valuable under the law than something like a bruise that goes away in a couple of weeks. That’s common sense, but that’s also the way most jurors, we think, look at these cases. So those are three main things that lawyers look at and talk about with their clients in coming up with the value for a personal injury case. Hope this has helped you, and I appreciate you watching.