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IBM Ordered to Produce Documents in Relation to Chemical Company's Spoliation of Evidence Claim by Ohio Judge

In a recent ruling, a judge granted The Lubrizol Corp.’s motion to compel the production of documents in support of its claims for spoliation of evidence against IBM, with Ohio being one of the few jurisdictions that permits parties to assert a cause of action for the tort of spoliation of evidence.         Click Here […]

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Jailed Ex-Lawyer Presses Appeal for Janis Joplin, Gordon Lightfoot Royalties

The panel of circuit judges Jose Cabranes, Robert Sack and Myrna Perez, meanwhile, dismissed a parallel action, on grounds that it is not reviewable on appeal. The remanded surrogate’s court portion of the matter was directed to Ulster County, where a music manager resided in Woodstock, New York.         Click Here To Read The Full […]

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